Mobile Video Filters (Presets for Instagram/TikTok/YouTube Videos)

Mobile Video Filters (Presets for Instagram/TikTok/YouTube Videos)


Want to get the Flying The Nest look? Here are our 24 custom mobile video filters that we use when editing our videos for Instagram Stories + Reels, TikToks plus our YouTube videos.

You simply apply a mobile video filter to one of your clips and it will immediately colour corrects your videos to give it a certain look, from vibrant beaches to colourful Disney days out.

Our Mobile Video Filters can also be used as a LUT for your laptop with Premiere Pro.

The filters can be used with the free-to-use VN mobile app

Whats in this pack:

  • 24 custom made mobile video filters + LUTs
  • Installation Guide PDF
  • How-To-Use Video

These video presets are compatible with both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro for your laptop/desktop AND the free-to-use VN app for mobile. Just simply download a VN app and upload our filters ready to use with one-click!