Instagram Growth Masterclass

Instagram Growth Masterclass


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Do you believe that Instagram is over-saturated?

That you've missed the boat?

Do you think you can't monetize small accounts?

Are you finding it too hard to grow?

Struggling to create a meaningful connection with your audience?

If this all sounds like questions you answered "yes" to, you aren't the only person in the boat trust us!

We have been in the Instagram game for so many years now, IG Stories, Reels or video wasn't even a thing.

We've seen the paradigm shift moving away from 6-pack toting models posing inside unobtainable hotels to audiences getting bored and wanting real connections with real people!

With brands estimated to spend over $8 billion dollars on influencer marketing with a heavy focus on Instagram, it isn't that the pie is getting's actually making it more accessible for small accounts to earn a full-time income.

We have grown multiple accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers and earning a sizeable income way before then.

Learn from Stephen Parry-Valentine, co-creator of Flying the Nest one of the most popular travel channels on YouTube with over 1.9 million followers and 12+ years experience of using Adobe Premiere Pro and 7+ years professionally. 

We have worked with some of the worlds leading brands; Sony, Qantas, Hilton and more.

There are hours of content across 50+ videos.

Plus access to a private Facebook group for creatives.

Full Course Curriculum

  • What is growth on Instagram look like?
  • How to get over being embarrassed of your conetnt
  • The current state of Instagram 
  • Why someone should follow your account
  • Did you miss the train? Is Instagram over-saturated (spoilers it's not)
  • What makes good Instagram content?
  • How to set up your page for growth and success
  • Understanding Instagram and the Algorithm
  • Crafting content that gets seen
  • What to do and what not to do
  • How to grow a dedicated following on Instagram that translates across multiple social media platforms
  • How to earn a full-time income from Instagram
  • How much should you charge and how to find your worth
  • How to correctly report to clients
  • plus many many more videos!!

These are the same techniques that I have used to grow multiple accounts to over 100,000 followers.

This course is for both small business owners and aspiring Instagram content creators.