How to Get Paid to Travel Masterclass

How to Get Paid to Travel Masterclass


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Have you ever wanted to travel for free?

Even better have you ever wanted to get paid to travel?

Do you want to know what it takes to work with brands & companies?

Well you have found the right place, we have been getting free trips, hotels and experience for 9+ years now and have called this our job professional for the majority of that time too.

With travel booming more than ever, right now is the best time to be learning the techniques on how you can start leveraging your accounts and content to not only get free travel but paid travel too.

10 years ago we were making coffees and selling mobile phone contracts and today we work with some of the world's leading brands, from traveling on the $15,000+ trip on the Orient Express luxury train, expeditions to Hike Macchu Picchu, staying in Overwater Bungalows and more.

Learn from Stephen Parry-Valentine, co-creator of Flying the Nest one of the most popular travel channels on YouTube with over 2.3 million followers and 9+ years of successfully pitching, working and getting paid from not only travel brands but more.

We have worked with some of the worlds leading travel brands; Disney, Qantas, Hilton and more.

There are over 5+ hours of content across 50+ videos.

Plus access to a private Facebook group for creatives.

What to expect in the 50+ videos within the course:


Full Course Curriculum

  • Where & how do you start?
  • How to get paid to travel with no followers
  • Our success story
  • What do brands want from you in "one word?"
  • Strategies for working with travel brands
  • Maximising Brand Collaborations
  • Mastering Usage Rights & Licensing
  • Building your brand and growing your audience
  • Re-evaluating the importance of followers
  • Unleashing the power of sponsored content
  • Unlocking your worth (knowing what to charge)
  • Creating content when travel is limited
  • The 5 Step process to unlocking travel opportunities through collaboration
  • How to find travel opportunities
  • How to get Airline and hotel upgrades
  • Going from free to paid
  • How to get a job through a successful pitch
  • Negotiating 101
  • Media kit + Pitch decks
  • Working with tourism boards
  • Lessons we've learned from 9+ years in the industry

and so so much more.

Plus you also get included free downloads of

  • Our current media kit 
  • Pitch deck examples
  • Reporting spreadsheet
  • and more

These are the same techniques that we have used to earn a full-time traveling income.

This course is for both aspiring travel content creators as well as content creators in general - the techniques learnt here can be applied to all industries (tech, gaming, beauty etc.)